Table Maintenance

Transportation, Assembly, Re-Clothing,
and Levelling of Billiard Tables Is Our Speciality!

    We re-cloth all sizes of slate-based tables with Strachan 6811 West of England cloth, available in a variety of colours, and when necessary re-rubber the cushion rails.

For pictures of table restoration examples, please visit the Gallery. (Some images are quite large and could take a while to load.)

While this work is being carried out, we incorporate improvements to the performance of the table, and can also restore the woodwork.*

We can also modify your existing canopy/lightshade for improved distribution of lighting with canopy style light shades using low-energy light globes.

Tables can be shifted from place-to-place, or room-to-room.

Our prices are very competitive and start from:

Table Size Re-cloth Re-rubber
7ft $475 $350
8ft $510 $360
9ft $725 $400
10ft $900 $500
12ft $1350 $1200 (English NRC Rubber)

*Quotations for restoration of woodwork will be given after inspection*


Slate: The Perfect Bed for Billiard Tables
Slate is an essential component of Billiard Tables and is concealed beneath the bed cloth Slate is formed from sedimentary materials such as clays, sand and volcanic dust at relatively low temperatures and pressures. This is called low grade metamorphosis and explains why distorted fossils maybe present. Slate is well known for its cleavage which allows it to be split into sheets. It is also readily cut, and drilled which facilitates the shaping of the fall of slate at the pockets, fitting brass pins between the joins, and incorporating nuts so that the cushions can be bolted to the slate. Chips in the slate can be readily repaired. The density of slate is approximately 2.8 times water and the slate (1.5inches thick) on a 12ft by 6ft table weighs around 700 Kg. Although slate is quite dense it is still porous and in damp environments can contain significant moisture which can effect the bed cloth. Today most billiard table slate comes from the Ligurian Riviera Italy. Reference: Treasures of the Earth